Project Overview

ImPreSSion (Improving Study Programs in Ghana by Introducing Green Solutions, Sustainability Modules and Digital Transformation) is a transformative educational initiative aimed at enhancing university programs in Ghana. Focused on agriculture, water, and energy sectors, it targets sustainable development through modernized curricula and digitalization.

Our Mission

To update and enhance critical study programs in Water Resources Development, Sustainable Energy Engineering Management, and Crop Science. We aim to infuse these courses with contemporary topics, addressing real-world challenges and promoting gender equality.


1. Identification of Real-world Challenges

This involves a comprehensive analysis of the current challenges in Ghana’s agriculture, water, and energy sectors. The objective is to align university curricula with these identified challenges, ensuring that graduates are well-prepared for the market.

2. Enhancing Study Programs

The project aims to improve the quality of three specific study programs (BSc. in Water Resources Development, MSc. in Sustainable Energy Engineering Management, and MPhil in Crop Science). This enhancement includes introducing new topics and updating existing content to match current industry standards and technological advancements.

3. Promotion of Gender Equality

A key objective is to establish a Gender and Diversity contact point in each of the three participating Ghanaian universities. These contact points will work towards creating an inclusive educational environment, promoting gender equality and diversity within the academic framework.

4. Capacity Building for Academic Staff

The project plans to develop and implement a comprehensive training program for academic staff. This program aims to upgrade teaching skills and methodologies, ensuring that at least 80 academic staff members are equipped to effectively teach the updated curricula and handle digital content.

5. Digitalization

This involves enhancing the digital infrastructure of the participating universities and developing digital content to support the modernized teaching methods. The objective is to facilitate blended learning and the use of digital resources in the educational process.


Collaborating with renowned institutions like RWTH Aachen, Politecnico di Milano, University of Energy and Natural Resources, University of Energy and Natural Resources, and University of Ghana, this project fosters international cooperation and knowledge exchange

Duration and Funding

Spanning over three years, this project is funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. The funding framework is designed to optimize resource allocation, promoting efficient project execution while adhering to stringent financial guidelines set by the Erasmus+ Programme.


The primary outcomes include the creation of modernized study programs, the development of at least 80 academically proficient staff members, and the establishment of a robust digital platform for education.

Key Areas