Improving Study Programs in Ghana by Introducing Green Solutions, Sustainability Modules and Digital Transformation

Ghana is a country full of potential and opportunities, with a growing population and a thriving economy. But to achieve sustainable development, it needs to address the challenges and opportunities in three key sectors: agriculture, water and energy. These sectors are essential for the well-being of the people and the environment, and they require skilled and knowledgeable professionals who can solve the real problems they face. That’s why ImPreSSion is here to help. ImPreSSion is a project that aims to improve and update three study programs at three Ghanaian universities that focus on these sectors. By enhancing the curriculum, the teaching skills and the infrastructure, ImPreSSion will prepare the future graduates for the market and for making a positive impact in their country. Do you want to know more about this amazing project? Then don’t hesitate to explore our website and discover how ImPreSSion is transforming education in Ghana.


Identification of the real-world challenges through in-depth analysis.

Enhancing the quality of the identified three study programs through introducing new topics and updating existing ones.

Promote and support gender equality through establishing a Gender and Diversity contact point at each of the 3 GH universities.

Developing and implementing a capacity building program for the academic staff.

Digitalization through enhancing the digital infrastructure as well as developing digital contents.


Academic and Research Department Engineering Hydrology
Gender and Diversity Engineering | RWTH Aachen University
Institute of Sustainability in Civil Engineering | RWTH Aachen University
Politecnico Milano
University of Energy and Natural Resources
University of Environment and Sustainable Development
University of Ghana
West African Centre for Crop Improvement